Harnessing The Power Of The Pause In Turbulent Times

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What can you do when everything feels too much?

As the crazy events of the world around us rage on, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But, how can you move beyond those feelings and reclaim your calm?

Well, today we’re going to look at how to catch your breath and find yourself again when things go wrong. In our turbulent world, many of us are questioning our values, changing our views and rearranging our lives.

That’s only natural. So, together, let’s lean into the power of the pause and discover how it can help you to process complicated situations. Are you ready?

Harnessing The Power Of The Pause In Turbulent Times

When Things Fall Apart: First, Pause

When life throws us a curveball, or even multiple curveballs – such as a global pandemic, unaffordable living costs, illness, grief, even war – we can be overwhelmed and lost. But, you don’t have to stay in this place of overwhelm.

A great way to start processing the way you are feeling is to think of yourself as a box full of many things. External challenges can throw the contents of that box onto the ground, mixing them up and leaving you feeling empty. You may not know who you are anymore.

When faced with challenges, do this first: take time to pause and make sense of it all. This is essential before you start defining “you” again – and refilling that box. Hold onto the empowering feeling that it’s up to you what you refill the box with. It’s also up to you to define any new beliefs and to set your own values.

While you’re pausing, do what you need to do to get that quiet reflective time. Perhaps you need to get off social media, turn off the news, take a break from seeing people who trigger you, get professional help, go on a solo retreat, or take daily walks in nature – whatever helps create quiet and space for you. Ultimately, you can take responsibility for the quality of your own life.

Creating The Right Path

In life, things may happen that are out of your control, and the impact can be massive. Personally, I experienced this very thing recently when the war broke out in Ukraine.

Why did this impact me?

Well, being Russian-born, it turned everything I thought about my homeland on its head. Finding out that Russia invaded Ukraine was a huge shock to my system. I experienced the strongest level of dissonance. Beliefs I grew up with, what I knew to be true, my identity – it made me question everything I was.

My box of things was empty and strewn all over the floor. I didn’t know who I was any more. I am now on a journey to fill my box back up with the values and beliefs I choose.

This is a powerful experience, but one I am not trying to navigate alone. By working with coaches and counsellors myself, I can enrich my own experience as a human and as a coach. This new found depth is something I can use to empower my own clients.

How Do I Redefine Myself?

After any kind of upheaval, it’s important to check if your values are still valid or if they have changed. But, as I just mentioned, it can be hard to do this redefining work by yourself. This is where a coach can be an invaluable support. A coach provides an external, unattached, but very empathetic perspective that will help you find your path and define your values a lot sooner.

But, how do you find the right coach? In order to get the most value out of your time with a coach, you need to find one that you connect with. Only then will you be able to do that work to fill your box back up in the right way.

I’m on a journey of redefining my own values and I’d love to help you redefine yours if you are also feeling lost and empty. I will guide you through the process of unlocking what your core personal values are now, in light of challenges and changes.

Ask For Help, And I’ll Be There

I’m Irina, a values-based transformational coach, and I specialise in helping busy women define and redefine their personal values. I can help you gently confront uncomfortable, and at times, confusing issues to help you process them and get better clarity to realise who you are, what you stand for and your changed value.

You may not have been impacted by the same external situations as me. But the resulting upheaval will be having as much of an impact on your life as the Ukraine war has had on mine. So, my role is to support you to achieve your goals and aspirations, always while adhering to The International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Code of Ethics.

What Is Coaching?

You will know what a Sports Coach is, it’s someone who empower an athlete to be the best they can be with helpful instruction and guidance. Values based coaching is the same principle. I will guide you to rebuild your values with helpful support and advice. Coaching is a structured conversation between you and I, focusing on maximising your personal and professional potential. It’s different from therapy or counselling.

I will listen to you and ask powerful questions to assist you in clarifying your thoughts and feelings, explore your beliefs and behaviours, and make changes that will enhance your life.

In our coaching sessions, there are no right or wrong answers, and every thought and feeling you have is respected. You are free to be you and say exactly what you think and feel, and to be honest about what you want – no judgements. If I believe you could benefit from extra support, then I can refer you to a therapist or specialist. This is part of my ICF Code of Ethics.

It’s Spring: Time To Spring Clean Your Spirit?

Not just in spring, but year-round, I offer 1:1 Spring Clean Your Life coaching sessions. Together we will work on the areas in your life where you feel you need more fulfilment.

Whether external challenges have tipped your box over, or it’s just time to pause, reflect and redefine, I can help. Reach out to me today to discuss your goals and what you are trying to shift. Together, we’ll refill the box that defines you.



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