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Choose Your Word Of The Year

Let’s be honest… It’s hard to determine priorities for a week, let alone for the whole year! So what can you do to help yourself focus on what really matters?

You can choose your WORD OF THE YEAR!

Your word will provide a gentle focus for any choices you make this year.

I will guide you through the process of defining YOUR word.

My FREE email challenge will take 5 days & you will be ready to embrace 2022! We start on Monday the 10th of January!

You will be receiving emails form me every day for 5 days with little tasks to help you come up with an inspirational word to guide you in 2022. By the end of a 5 day journey you will have defined the word that is unique to you and your aspirations for the next year!

Are you ready to join me? Let’s do it together!

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