Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to answer most frequently asked questions about my services below. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, please contact me via my contact page and I’ll be happy to clarify anything for you.  

What will we talk about at a session?
Our first session is an opportunity to get to know each other and for me to understand what you’d like to achieve with my help. We will talk about your goals and aspirations and I will help you to get more clarity around them. 
Each subsequent session will be centered around your needs. You may have one big goal for our work together and each session will be us working together moving you towards that goal.
There are a few things to expect from coaching sessions:
  • I will be asking challenging questions to make you think and clarify your goals & actions.
  • Some of my questions will reframe your thinking about certain situations to help you overcome self-limiting beliefs.
  • We may do exercises (e.g. to define your top personal values, to prepare you for an important conversation, to realize what your inner critic is telling you and how to manage that negative chatter, etc.)
  • We may discuss your homework or something you committed to doing.  
The main thing to remember is that each session will be focused on YOUR personal growth and what is important to YOU. And because you are unique and your goals and aspirations are unique, our sessions will be unique every single time. I have a lot of knowledge and experience and heaps of tools I use in my coaching practice. I will make sure our time together is flexible and adapts to your needs. 
Is coaching right for me?

The best way to find out is book a free 30 min session with me. We will have time for a proper chat and you will be able to ask me anything about the coaching I provide & also share your goals & aspirations. This will help you define if coaching is right for you. 

How are the sessions held?
The sessions take place via Zoom.
You will need high-speed internet, fast enough to stream audio/video. It’s nice to have a webcam so that I can see you. But, if that’s not possible, then just your in built microphone will be ok. You can also download and use the Zoom app on a smartphone or your laptop if you prefer.
A link to our Zoom session will be emailed to you. All you need to do at the time of the session is click the link, follow the instructions, and it will take you to the session.
What is Coaching?
Coaching is a structured conversation between you and your coach, which focuses on maximising your personal and professional potential. The coach’s role is to support you in achieving your goals and assist you in making your desired changes.
In coaching we acknowledge the past in terms of the impact it’s having on you now and your current situation. Our main focus is on the present, moving forward towards your goals, and making the changes that will enable your success, whatever that may be for you.
As a rule coaches don’t give advice. The coach and client are in an equal partnership. The coach believes you know yourself better than anyone and that you have the ability to uncover the answers and create solutions for your problems or challenges.
The coach has no agenda and does not impose their values, beliefs or worldview on to you.
The coach is fully supportive of you and the changes you wish to make in your life.
The coach will encourage you to take the considered and thought through actions that you wish to take. You are always in charge and make your own decisions.
There are no right or wrong answers, and every thought and feeling you have is respected. You are free to be you and say exactly what you think and feel, and to be honest about what you want. There are no judgements in coaching.
Predominantly your coach will listen to you and ask powerful questions to assist you in clarifying your thoughts and feelings, explore your beliefs and behaviours, and make the change that will enhance your life.
Your coach’s role is to support you to achieve your goals and aspirations.
What is Transformational Coaching?

It’s best to describe what a transactional coaching is first. This type of coaching focuses on one specific goal, e.g. improving public speaking or managing people. As a rule a client is very clear about what they want to achieve. It is based on their existing way of being. In this case, the role of a coach is to help a client develop clarity about their goals & then put the strategies in place to achieve them.

Transformational coaching includes transactional coaching, but goes far beyond. Its focus is on personal growth. The learning comes from awareness & noticing how we are being and doing.

In simple terms – transactional coaching focuses on one particular thing and transformational coaching focuses on person as a whole being.

How is Coaching different from Consulting, Mentoring, Counseling/Therapy & Training?

Consulting gives advice on area of expertise & helps with implementation. It is future focused.

Mentoring shares past experiences and wisdom. It provides guidance & is also future focused.

Counseling/Therapy helps to heal or overcome past hurts. It is focused on the past.

Training teaches new skills & knowledge and is future focused.

Coaching focuses on present and future. It is a structured conversation between you and your coach, which focuses on maximising your personal and professional potential. The coach’s role is to support you in achieving your goals and assist you in making your desired changes.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

You can reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours prior to the session at no charge. Sessions cancelled on the day are non-refundable. To reschedule, please use the link provided or email me & we’ll come up with time that suits us both.

What coaching qualifications do you have?

I am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Coach in Coaching for Transformation. I have completed 86 ICF approved coach specific training hours February-May 2020.

I am also a member of ICF, the largest organization of professionally trained coaches. ICF is specifically recognized among coaching professionals worldwide for:

  • Developing coaching core competencies
  • Establishing a professional code of ethics and standards
  • Creating an internationally recognized credentialing program
  • Setting guidelines through accreditation for coach-specific training programs
  • Providing continuous education